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Already Using Pay Per Click?


If you're struggling or confused about improving your Google pay per click campaigns, here's how to make it a whole lot better...

You may be surprised at how a few small changes in your approach can make a world of difference in whether your pay per click campaigns succeed or fail to make you a profit. Although there are many reasons you're reading this page right now, I'll bet that you want answers to just three questions:

  • How can you lower your click costs?
  • How can you increase your conversions?
  • How can you do this quickly, easily and inexpensively?

There are two roads you can take. You can either learn and do it yourself or you can hire a professional to do it for you. If you've got the time, you can certainly learn how to make pay per click work and do it yourself. Sure there is a steep learning curve but it's possible.

However, the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive way to lower your pay per click costs and increase your conversions is to hire a professional or agency. A good professional or agency will bring experience and knowledge to your campaigns to make an immediate impact. And a good professional will also lower your costs and/or increase your profits so their fees pay for themselves and you're still left with more profit than if you were to do it yourself.

There are so many PPC agencies out there today, it isn't hard to find one.

The real challenge is finding one who has the advertising experience AND the technical know-how needed to create campaigns that make a profit. Most agencies are either stuck in the old world of advertising and don't know how to adapt to online marketing trends or are very clever technically but don't know the first thing about traditional direct response advertising. Alarmingly, even more are simply outsourced to countries like India so you'll never really know "who" is working on your account.

I began using Adwords and Pay Per Click on my own business way back in 2002 when it was hardly known. Back in those days getting clicks was a lot easier simply because the competition was so low. Now it's getting harder than ever to run effective campaigns and make a profit which is why it's more important than ever to get it right and not waste money on clicks.

Why do I think I can help you?

Because I bring you the best of both worlds. I've had hard experience in the trenches of direct response advertising and direct mail marketing. I've spent years making expensive marketing campaigns work in the days when customers cut coupons from ads in magazines and posted their order in with a cheque.

And I've spent years working with online marketing making campaigns, where customers use their credit cards online. The methods have changed dramatically but the customer psychology has remained the same. And unlike most other agencies, I have personally used my own money on Pay Per Click projects and campaigns including Adwords. I was one of the first advertisers on Adwords and know exactly how it feels to spend money on clicks and need results fast!


Open, Honest and Down-to-Earth 


While some other agencies like to impress and dazzle you with jargon and empty promises, you'll find us very honest and open and down to earth. I like to cut through the crap, roll up my sleeves and get busy making your campaigns work.

Sure, the results I achieve could be a massive improvement to what you're currently seeing or they could be a slow gradual improvement. One thing is for sure - I will not be making lavish promises like "Instantly Flood Your Business With More Prospects and Sales Than You Can Handle!!" and then quietly pass your account over to an office junior, while I go schmooze someone else.

I will look at your account, I will work on your account and I will be responsible for the results.

It may even surprise you to know I turn some people away. Sometimes only a few small changes are needed to turn a losing campaign into a profit maker and management is not needed. Other times a whole new re-build is needed creating new Adgroups, keyword lists and ads.

Whatever is needed, I'm here to help you. . .

Lower your click costs. . .

Increase your conversions. . .

And get it done quickly, easily and inexpensively 

local adwords consultant


All PPC accounts go through a set up/overhaul phase (where a lot more work is required) followed by a maintenance & ROI expansion phase

  • SET UP/OVERHAUL PHASE: Because all PPC accounts are different, during the first phase, a lot of time is required for me to gain familiarity with your market, your company, and your products and services. Time is also required for us to develop a groove with your personal management style, objectives, and risk tolerance. Keyword research is initiated or expanded, and competitive market evaluation takes place. Tracking and ROI benchmarking is established, reporting systems are developed and agreed upon. Your AdWords account is begun or re-worked.
  • MAINTENANCE & ROI EXPANSION PHASE: Once your account is "in shape", the focus shifts to adjusting bid prices and maximizing ROI for existing keywords and ad groups, rolling out your campaign to other major PPC engines, and discovering new keywords to attract more traffic which continues to perform. Eventually, a point of diminishing returns is reached in efforts to identify new keywords, improve ad copy, and achieve higher ROI within your PPC account alone, at which point the focus can shift to landing page and sales process enhancements, regular monitoring of the market for the entry of new competitors, and adjustments to reflect the evolution of PPC engine quality algorithms.


Our Pay Per Click Solutions



I will conduct all Keyword research and analysis and set up your Google Adwords Campaigns and Adgroups, Destination and Landing Page strategy and write your ad copy. You are then free to set your own budget and manage your own account from month to month. Perfect if you are a small business with only a few simple Adgroups and feel confident with your own marketing competency. As we consider the set up as the foundation for your future pay-per-click success, this important service represents an excellent investment. Fees range from £300 to £2,000 with additional help if you need it.


If you are currently running your own account and would like me to re-tune your campaigns for high performance we are happy to do that for you. We will conduct all Keyword research and analysis and re-tune or rebuild your Campaigns and Adgroups from the ground up, including destination and landing page strategy and re-write your ad copy if needed. I'll then hand it all back to you so you can continue to manage it yourself with the added confidence the foundation has been built by a UK Google Adwords Professional.


My consultancy service is an as-and-when-you-need it service for any PPC or internet marketing related problem. A campaign suddenly stopped performing and you don't know why? Want a second opinion on your new landing page? Need advice on shifting a product line? Our consultancy service guarantees no matter how busy we may be, I'll always make time for you. As a client using my consultancy retainer service, you'll pay from just £99 a month for support. We can in the background, so when you call for help we can quickly access your account and help you instantly. For more complex problems, I'm happy to engineer a tailor made solution and get back to you - all for no extra cost. Marketing peace of mind from just £99 a month.


If you would like me to look after and improve your existing campaign or build you one from scratch, I will create an effective well oiled account that fires on all cylinders. From the very first stages of research to launching the campaign, I'll be right beside you managing your PPC marketing and paying close attention to it every day. I'll also be ever tweaking your campaigns depending on what our regular reporting and analysis reveals cutting out the underperforming keywords and maximising the better ones.



  • Initial Consultation - The first step is for me to get a deeper understanding of your business and your goals. I like to know about your products or services, what has sold well in the past and what hasn't, who your customers are and the types of customers you'd like to target.

  • Keyword Research - With a better understanding of your business and customers, I can then research what keywords are actually being used to search for products/services like yours. I also look at your industry as a whole and check out your competition. From this I can determine the most popular keywords and gain an insight into potential traffic and costs. This research will also identify keyword phrases that are being searched with but have low competition.

  • Cost Ideas - With an idea of potential keywords, I can now have an idea of potential traffic which gives me an idea of potential costs. From this I can get an idea of what your likely return on investment will be and how best to target your market. Depending on your advertising budget, I will split your market into different groups so we can penetrate it better.

  • Keyword Focus - Depending on your products or services I will design your campaigns and adgroups around very relevant keywords. Some of my clients have over 12 campaigns with over 40 adgroups in each campaign, each adgroup having it's own relevant advert, each ad having relevant keywords. It's not unusual for clients have many thousands of targeted keywords bringing in thousands of qualified and quality visitors to their websites each month. By using these strategies it's possible for me to get your ads in higher positions than your competitors but you'll actually be paying less for your clicks because Google considers your campaigns more relevant.

  • Performance Reports - Each month or week as you want it, I can email you a full report on your campaign's performance. Although I include every keyword, these reports are very easy to understand and include a quick summary page for an instant run-down on the results. Along with the report, I can also add my own observations and commetary with any recommendations or solutions already in place.

  • Full Consultancy and Support - Any changes you need to be made to the campaigns from prices in your ads, campaigns being paused if a product has gone out of stock, the whole account paused if your website has gone down temporarily, changing landing page destinations or you want to quickly testing a campaign for a new product idea, I are here for you for no extra charge. When I manage your PPC campaigns I take it seriously and consider myself a partner in your success.

My monthly management fee ranges between £300 and £1,500 a month depending on your...

  • Target Market - Some markets are more competitive, rapidly evolving and more demanding than others that are more straightforward and/or static. 
  • Number of campaigns and adgroups to be monitored and managed 
  • Number of changes to be made during the month - Some accounts are more time demanding for example ecommerce sites where products have regular price changes which will need changing in the campigns if these product prices are shown in the ads 
  • Number of reports required - We are happy to provide detailed or summary reports on a monthly or weekly basis as you require. Producing these reports takes time which will be incorporated into the management fee.

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All management fees are paid in advance, and are fixed no matter how big your business and advertising budget grows. You can pay via cheque, bank transfer or standing order which keeps it simple and in your control. All costs are transparent and accounts can be checked at any time.

So, If You Would Like Us To Help You...

Reduce your Cost-Per-Conversions

- Creating complex, relevancy based accounts, rewarded with cheaper clicks
- Optimising keywords based on results

Reduce your wasted clicks
- Using thorough negative keywords to reduce irrelevant visitors
- Preventing your competition (where possible) from being able to see your ads
- Relevant ad writing to qualify your visitors before the click

Get more clicks at cheaper prices
- Thorough keyword research boosts the overall impressions, allowing us to make more efficient use of your budget

Use intelligent ideas to out-compete your rivals
- Using clever tools and processes to create dynamic 'liquid' ads (e.g. price changes for hundreds of products) or untapped niche keywords

Give on-hand explanations and information
- Fast response to your enquiries, directions and ideas with my down-to-earth expert input...


More Profits From Your AdWords
Get more clicks, reduce waste, increase conversions
UK based Google expert can make it possible!


It all starts with a chat...

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